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Logo Creator

Minggu, 01 November 2009 | 3 Comments | Posted in

Logo Design Software for Windows and Mac OSX!

Create incredible logo designs that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over! It’s like having your own logo design studio… without the studio! With The Logo Maker – you’ll get a portfolio full of logos that you can modify and customize yourself… for far less than what a designer will charge.

Sell the logos you create! – That’s right! If you’re a graphics designer, logo maker, webmaster, small business owner, entrepreneur or service provider … you can sell the logos you create to your own customers!

Banner Maker Pro for Flash 3.4 (FULL)

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Banner Maker Pro for Flash 3.4 (FULL)

Banner Maker Pro for Flash creates flash banner ads,
flash intros, logos, image ads, web headers and other web graphics
quickly and easily.

By using a wizard-like interface, Banner
Maker Pro for Flash allows you to easily create professional looking
banners and flash intros using the flash format in just minutes. Simply
follow the tabs at the top of the program to go step-by-step in the
nd add it to your website.
image making process. When you have completed the image, just save

Create an animated flash banner in under 5 minutes! No graphics expertise needed.
Benefits of using Banner Maker Pro for Flash:

Banner Maker Pro for Flash is the easiest way to make flash banners.
You can create an animated flash banner in just 5 minutes with no

graphic skills
More customizable than other online
banner and button makers. Use any image, any font, any size, and create
many different types of animated banners. You can easily add your own


Over 500 backgrounds and stand alone images.
Backgrounds include common window dialogs to unique custom created
backgrounds that cannot be found anywhere else. Images include over 40
different "click here!" buttons and 40 different common window control
d sizes.
images. There are over 300 different backgrounds in different styles

120 different animations available
Download: 6.46MB
password :

Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker 3.1

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Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker

Ultimate Flash animation design tool to help you create Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash slideshow, Flash AD and ecards, which can be used in any website and blog (MySpace, Google Blog, MSN Space and more). There is no need to learn Flash or Actionscripts, just need a few clicks. Wizard style user interface, extremely easy to use. Lots of animated background effects, text effects and image effects, all effects are customizable, including texts, fonts, URL links, colors, sounds etc. Lifetime free upgrade, enjoy much more wonderful Flash effects with our design team in the following upgraded versions.

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Download :